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11 October 2011 @ 10:36 pm
Title: Runaway Love
Author: atannermidnight
Part: 1/?
Pairings: Harry/Niall, there may be more as I write more chapters
Word count: 563
Rating: so far pg
Disclaimer: Not mine obvs
A/N: Narry fic! yay! This is the prologue, and there will be more chapters later...
Summary: Harry cheats on Niall. What is Niall gonna do about it?


Having a number one hit single was...amazing. I couldn't believe this was happening. For once in my life, everything was going right. Harry and I were still going strong, and One Direction was gathering more and more fans each day.


I looked across the table to Liam who was smiling at me like he could read my mind. Louis was flirting with some girl who was working at the club we were currently at, Zayn was dancing with one of the said girl's friends, and Harry was off to the bathroom.


Liam started to say something before Zayn ran up to the table and cut him off. "Niall, I think you should head back to the hotel." he all but shouted in my face.


I started to protest, but I saw the look in his eyes, and knew it was easier to just give in. Besides, I was tired already, and we had to be up early tomorrow.


"Alright, let me just go get Harry. He went to--" was all I got out before Zayn shouted, "NO.....I mean....Liam will gladly take you...right, Liam?" I could tell something was wrong. Zayn never acted like this, and we all promised management that there would be no alcohol tonight, so he couldn't be drunk. I got up and made my way to the bathroom.


"Niall....don't...just...please don't?" Zayn practically begged as he caught my arm. I shook my head and yanked my arm out of his grasp. I made my way through the mass of people dancing. When I finally broke out of the bodies swinging, grinding, and thrusting, I looked towards the bathroom signs. I almost wished I hadn't. Harry had some girl pushed up against the wall. Their faces were practically glued together as they kissed. I didn't understand...Harry loved me. He told me every chance he could get; when we woke up in the morning, before we went to bed, when I sang, even when I stuffed my face with food.


I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked at Liam, not understanding what was happening. He took one look at my face and complete anger took over his. That was when I realized my face was wet...why was it wet? Was I crying? Yes...I was crying. I was crying because Harry-fucking-Styles, the love of my life, was cheating on me, in the back of a club, with some slut. Zayn put his arms around me and slowly led me out of the club. That was all I remembered before I broke into sobs.


I slowly opened my eyes. When had they closed? The last thing I remembered was Zayn leading me out of the club, and Harry...Where was I? I sat up and realized I was on my hotel bed. Zayn was laying beside me, sleeping, and Liam and Louis were sleeping on Liam's bed.


I knew what I had to do. I silently got off the bed, packed my stuff and caught a cab to the airport. There was one call, however, that I had to make before I went back to Mullingar. I took my iPhone out and scrolled through my contacts. When I came to the write one, I pressed the call button. It rung exactly three times before I heard a "Hello" on the other line.


"Uncle Si? It's Niall. I have a small favor to ask....actually its a big one...."


The rest is going to be locked, so friend me if you want to read the rest. I will post it (locked) in the One Direction Community, on my journal, or on my tumblr :)

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