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10 September 2011 @ 03:02 pm
New One Direction Fanfictions  
My poor, poor beta 1dmrsstyles is swamped in school work, but brokenintotwo and jennifer_95have agreed to help me while she is occupied! My ideas for my slash fics are down after my little ramdom blabber....

I'm loving the new One Direction song, Na Na Na! I'm chilling on the vibes! I just wish Niall and Louis had a solo :(

In other news, I survived my first week of freshman year! Its alright, but there is absolutely no chance of going to my locker because its on the second floor! That kinda sucks....

Allstar Weekend is a really cool American band that y'all should check out! They are awesome!!! I pre-ordered their cd, and since they are not that big yet, they include a signed poster and they send the cd 5 days early! They opened for Selena Gomez on her 'We Own the Night' tour.

My ideas for my new One Direction stories are as follows:
Untitled right now (Chaptered story) Harry/Niall - Niall broke from the band and works at an office as a lawyer. One day Zayn, Liam and Louis find him and want him to come back and rejoin the band. He's reluctant because the reason he left the band was Harry. He eventually agrees, but he soon finds out that the boys didn't just want him back because they missed him....

Tantrum (One-shot) not sure of the pairings - Niall has a tantrum about chocolate. The boys think he's just being a child, but maybe he's upset because of something else.
Fight (not sure how long) Not sure of the pairings - Niall has a fight with his father, Why? Will the boys be able to comfort him? Is there a secret he's been keeping? Will his father tell the world? Will they all leave the band.....or just Niall?

I have some other random ideas but they aren't really planned out yet!

Hope you can come on soon my Homie G 1dmrsstyles! lol I miss our multicultural conversations :(
REMEMBER! MY JOURNAL IS FRIENDS ONLY! If you want to read them you can comment here, friend me or join the One Direction community here on livejournal :)

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brokenintotwobrokenintotwo on September 16th, 2011 07:58 pm (UTC)
Hello :) Me...Again and Again and Again... (I feel like a STALKER)

Ok, hope you don't mind me saying what I think of the up coming greatness but I am really looking forward to your Harry/Niall story and I can't wait for you to post it!

Tantrum also looks amazing, now I don't know what you were thinking for this but I think maybe a Zayn/Niall or Liam/Niall would be quiet good? Just an idea, Zayn could be all dominant and try and see what's wrong with Niall or Liam could be all loving and trying to love it out of him...or both? JUST IDEA'S, DON'T LISTEN TO WHAT I SAY!

Fight, again really looking forward to it, I like hurt/comfort fic's with Niall (AS LONG AS THERE IS A HAPPY ENDING because I read one where he died at the end and I was just like -.- Really?!)

When you plan them I would really love to hear them :)

I'm sorry for being a Creepy British stalker...
atannermidnightatannermidnight on September 16th, 2011 08:45 pm (UTC)
I love talking to you! I like when people stalk me....it makes me feel important....

I'm really excited to write the Harry/Niall one because it will be multichaptered (I've only been writing one shots) and I'm loving the Harry/Niall vibes I have been seeing lately :D

I was gonna do either otp5, Zayn/Niall, or Liam/Niall! You read my mind ~Niall related telepathy powers are on~
Are you kidding me? I love when people give me ideas cuz then I don't have to think em up myself! lol

My favorite kind of fic is hurt/comfort, so I will probably be writing a lot of that. I HATE SAD ENDINGS! If the fic looks like its gonna have a sad ending, or is too unrealistic for life or the characters I have to stop reading the fic....I'm a picky creep...

I'm debating on wether or not I want them all to have slash, or just one or two, because I suck at writing it, and my story Ignorance is Bliss is the only smut I have ever written and it took me awhile...lol

I can message ya stuff or ideas along with my beta and if ya want you can tell me how you feel about it? You don't have to edit it or anything obvs

Don't apologize, because I am a creepy American Stalker....
missistroublemissistrouble on September 17th, 2011 01:15 pm (UTC)
Omg the things you are going to write sound so good!

A narry multipe chapters fic...is like a dream come true :D

And the chocolate fic, with zayn being all dominant is a fab idea :)
atannermidnightatannermidnight on September 18th, 2011 09:49 pm (UTC)

I love Narry for some reason...I tried to write a narry oneshot, and my beta says I need to finish it cause its good, but I'm just not feeling it...probably because this idea popped into my head and I like it a lot more...

They all say Niall throws tantrums over the most stupid things, and I can just picture him doing this! lol
brokenintotwobrokenintotwo on September 17th, 2011 10:36 pm (UTC)
YAY! You are important, you're like one of the only people I actually have the balls to talk to :D

I am really liking the Ot5 idea...These Niall telepathy powers are so amazing! Aha I love giving ideas! I think this could be a very good friendship.

Same! I was reading this one fic actually sobbing but I couldn't stop reading because it was beautiful and bitter sweet and then he died and I was like 'NO why do you always kill him off!?'

Well, I personally thought you're story was amazing and I am so impressed (and a little jealous) that you wrote such amazing smut (and a bloody THREESOME at that) and it was your first time! I'd love you to write more!...Great now I sound like a perv...well even more like a perv :D

I would LOVE you to send your ideas! I'd be damn well honored :D and ahaha I am not good at editing ha, but I'd love to do that, If you don't mind?

WOO! World Stalkers united!
jenniferjennifer_95 on September 23rd, 2011 10:23 pm (UTC)
Hey! Was just creeping around livejournal and saw this, I think I was searching for some Zayn/Niall and got sent here, tbh I'm tired and have no idea what I'm doing, I'm supposed to be downloading 'Big Bang Theory', but anyway, back to the point...

I'm loving all your ideas with the fanfics and would love to read them all. You know how you said 'you are unsure on the pairings' in the past I've found it's best to write what you like, so choose your favourite parings and write about them (my experience isn't slash fanfic though, just plain boring normal fiction :L but I think the same should apply.)

Do you still need a temporary/full-time BETA, if so I can help :) Well I can try to help. I never write personally on the 1D community, -because I don't feel confident to do so- so I try and help out with others if and where I can, so just message me if I can be of use.

P.S. I hope this makes sense I've been busy with college all day and I'm tired. I swear I make more sense normally (sorry if I have came off as a creeper) xx