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16 August
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I am an optimist. I am undecided about my religious views....I like reading and hanging out with friends.....I also love One Direction and Allstar Weekend. My Fave bands are: One Direction, Allstar Weekend, The Wanted, Jonas Brothers, Linkin Park, One Republic, The Fray, Katy Perry and 3 Doors Down (I love music sooo much and I love so many other bands and singers that I can't possibly list). I probably like pretty much any band you do and I don't care if it's pop, screamo, rock, classical or annnnyyytthiingg else. I'm very loud, crazy and outgoing so chat me up!!! I love singing, dancing and acting. I am obsessed with the UK, not too sure why....I think I have a pretty awesome fake British accent though ;) Any questions?
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